Thursday, September 29, 2011

She Takes My Heart

She takes my heart and runs with it.  I chase her.  Not to get it back, I want her to have it.  But to run with her, playing that frivolous childhood game where the wind, cool against my face, tousles my hair, and I am a giddy schoolgirl again.  I feel like flying.

All the while, we sit, she and I, rocking.  Cuddling.  Snuggling together.

But while we sit, she takes my heart and runs with it.



  1. Beautifully expressed Jill. Thank you for sharing Lily and the special love you share.


  2. What a beautiful, poignant message! Be sure to include it in your book ;) Love, Momma Ray

  3. Very, very sweet. I love the imagery.

  4. You have a very nice and personable blog Jill, when you have the time - check out my site - - as I have a feeling that you may like it.