Thursday, December 30, 2010

That Still, Small Voice

Oh, how many lessons have I learned from Lily? I believe the list is never ending. One of the lessons that is in the spotlight these days is hearing That Still, Small Voice. . .and listening to it. I can't really say that I heard that voice when I was pregnant with Lily. Instead, I just trusted with blind faith. Nothing told me to trust. I just did. I likened it to the Nestee Plunge--just falling back into God's hands.

With Zilla, though, things have been so much different. I think I've said it before, but the baby's abdomen is measuring small. They keep telling us that we just have a skinny baby, but I've had ultrasound after ultrasound, and now I'm at the point where I'm having to do a kick count twice a day. Things like that add worry to this pregnancy.

But every time I worry, I hear this whisper--Trust Me. It's such a settling voice. But here's the rub: When I hear that voice, I realize that it doesn't necessarily mean that everything is going to be perfect. Instead, I know that it means that no matter what happens, God's love will wrap around us like a hand-knitted shawl. It will warm us in our joy or help to comfort us in our sorrow or help us endure in the difficult days.

It's been doing that for us with Lily all along.


  1. My Lilly has been teaching me a lot too about trusting God. I couldn't go through this without Him! And knowing that He loves Lilly even more than I possibly ever can gives me immense comfort.

  2. Thank you for your testimony of faith and trust, Jill. Thank you for honoring our Lord as you await this birth. 'Lil and 'Zil are in the best possible Hands! (Hey, if 'Zil is a girl, she'll thank you for those small abs!)
    'Don't mean to make light of anything, of course. I'll be praying with you...count on it!

  3. Praying for your delivery to bring you peace. Thank you for your beautiful post and the pictures of sweet Lily.

  4. Peeking in to see how things are going. I saw your dad this weekend and am watching to see a new baby announcement go up.

    Hugs cuz!