Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! (It's been a busy few days, hence the belated post.) A few updates. . .
Lily's vomitting has gotten better. After about three days with none at all, she did vomit once today. I really think it's sinus related, coupled with the possibility that Lily's stomach sphincter just isn't strong enough due to her low tone. I was told by Molly, one of Lily's NICU nurses, that if she's vomitting once a day (or less) we really don't have much to worry about. More than that, though, and we should pursue testing.

Lily had a VCUG done. The process itself was horrible for her. The techs tried at least three times to insert the catheter then decided to call in the doctor. Lily was not happy! The doctor tried at least three times before finally realizing that Lily's vagina has a fold in it; therefore, finally getting it right. That process was hard to endure. There was a part of me that wanted to scream enough! But there was another part that realized that we needed to know whether or not Lily's kidneys were refluxing. As bad as it was, I'm glad we went through it. Now I know, if Lily's urine needs to be tested, I'll insist that she get bagged instead of cathed. That test came back negative. Yeah!

As for Zilla, I had about two hours worth of contractions last night. Although I haven't dilated any, the doctor says it's possible that Zilla could be here before the induction date. That would be nice not to have to be induced.

Here are a few pictures we took over the holidays. It's hard to believe that this is our second Christmas with Lily. It's also hard to believe that in a few days, she'll be twenty months! We have so much to be thankful for!

We finally caught the cookie monster!

My mom got Lily this toy. I love it because it flips so Lily can look at it while lying on the floor, she can stand to play with it, or she can sit like she's doing in this picture. Lily doesn't play much with toys, but today, while on the floor, she was patting at the pieces that hang down. It was such a sight to see!

Christmas Eve was spent at my mom's. This is another toy that Lily got, but she wasn't interested in the unwrapping. We tried to wake her up but to no avail. This toy can be put on Lily's crib, and she can use her feet to play the "piano." Lily LOVES touching things with her feet, so I just know she'll love this toy.

Lily loves giving Gabriel hugs!


  1. To have your second Christmas with your girl~ what a blessing! She and Gabriel are precious! I can't wait to "meet" Zilla. :) God bless!

  2. Love seeing your beautiful family. I can't wait for the update of your babies arrival. We were just talking about you on Christmas. You and Lily have made such an impact and so many people think of you all of the time. xo Shannon (Oliver and Sylvie's mom)