Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Ugly Side

In the past week, I have seen three children with Trisomy 18 pass away. My heart goes out to the family's of Zoe, Lyla, and Sydney.

This is the ugly side of Trisomy 18.


  1. Lyla, what a beautiful name. Does she have a blog? Will pray for her family...

  2. I just want to scream and yell right now!!! Our baby's should be with us forever.

    Jill...this must be especially hard for you. I have fallen in love with your little girl as I have watched her grow. She is a sign of life for me. A life that I desperately wanted to experience. I can only imagine the fear that you feel.

    Give her an extra kiss from me.


    Thanks for joining me today while I was thinking about Timothy!

  3. Thank you for sharing the sad news; you're right its a DARK side to Trisomy 18! Give Miss Lily a squeeze! Cindy