Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 months!

Today, Lily is 2 months old! I cannot believe it! Two months! The other day, I was looking online for information about weight gain, and I kept coming across statistics regarding life expectancy. Everything I came across stopped at 6 weeks. According to those statistics, Lily's life was not supposed to happen this way. I'm glad she doesn't listen to negative statistics.

Eight weeks old, bottle fed, nursing (full time). . .I'm telling you, LG has this knack for amazing me!

Tomorrow is another doctor's appointment. I believe she gets her shots. Ouch! I've always hated when my children have to get shots. I'm anxious to find out what she weighs and what the doctor thinks about her nursing. Plus, there's the VSD. It would be so nice if he didn't hear the murmur.

Thank you for continuing to prayer for my family. We are deeply touched by your love and dedication.

1 comment:

  1. Happy 2 week Birthday dear Lily!

    What a precious gift you are to your family and to the world. God Bless you little angel!

    Love from California,