Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Late Update

Wow!  How exciting the past few months have been with Lily!

She has gotten so strong and more aware!  About a month ago, I was sitting on the floor, running Lily's formula through her pump, paying no attention to her at the moment.  She was about five feet away and crawled toward the chair I was sitting beside.  I looked up and over at Lily, AND SHE WAS STANDING RIGHT BESIDE ME!!  She had pulled herself into a standing position!  I did a double take!  Unfortunately, she's not done it again, even though I've tried coaxing her multiple times, but I'm confident she'll do it again. . .and continue doing it!

At school, she walks on a treadmill a few days a week.  I'm not sure exactly what type of position she's in, but the other day, I got this text:  "She went 9 minutes straight with Shauna just a few prompts at the hips and holding her hands to keep them on the bars.  The most we've ever gotten is 6 minutes."  That text was followed by "Your girl is getting stronger and smarter every day!!"  Ah. . .music to my ears!  I asked if they used a harness and was told that they don't usually use the harness with her.  Her therapist usually holds her at her hips.

Another amazing thing Lily has done can be seen in the video below.  The first we've seen!  I'm sure there's more to come!

As for medical, Lily had an ABR (hearing test) and an MRI last Friday.  The MRI was to establish a baseline for her spine.  Both procedures required sedation, so we opted to have them both done at the same time because we weren't sure how Lily would do with the sedation since she's not always come out of it so easily.  I'm happy to say that she did quite well with the sedation, considering.

I've gotten the results of the MRI, but only through Lily's online records.  What that means is that it was in the radiologist's notes, so it might as well have been in a foreign language.  I'm willing to wait on those results until we see the orthopedist.  No big deal.

As for the ABR, Lily has mild to moderate hearing loss in one ear and moderate loss in the other.  That means she'll be getting hearing aids.  I'm a little concerned, but also excited.  I'm not sure how Lily will respond to them, but I'm hopeful that they will open up a world of possibilities.

Lily has a little cold, but she's in great spirits--very active and happy, as always.

I leave you with a few pictures from the past few months.

And a warning that the Spin-a-Thon will be soon.  You know what that means!  Fundraising!

Lily and Andrew "the gingerbread man", a teacher at Pattison's, the day
 of their Christmas party.

This is the night Lily stood by herself and how she looked. . .minus Dave.

Merry Christmas!

Lily and Aria--Christmas at Grandmama's

Soleil and Aria walking with Lily at Pattison's Christmas Party.
Actually, I think Aria was "helping" Lily by trying to push her.