Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Post Surgery

Lily had her surgery for her diaphragmatic hernia yesterday.  All is pretty well.  She's had a few episodes of pain, but medication has helped with that.  She's also vomited a few times, but I'm hoping it's just a post-op thing.  She slept well last night, but her pulse ox kept going off.  That was a little frustrating for a few reasons.  (1) It might mean that Lily needs to go back on oxygen--although that could be the medicines causing that, and (2) it meant that I got very little sleep.  I've already taken a nap this morning!

There are four little bandaids dotting Lily's abdominal area, small incisions where they went in to fix the hernia.  No big, long scar like the bowel obstruction left!  The doctors heard a little upper respiratory congestion, so I believe they're going to have a respiratory therapist come in and do a little therapy with Lily.  I don't know if that means they'll keep her another night or not.  They anticipated that she would be in for one night, but now I'm wondering if they'll make it another. 

I've got a few more pictures to share of Lily in her final two weeks at Pattison's.  She really had a good time, as I think you'll see from the pictures.  And I don't think I ever posted about this, but Lily was chosen Prom Princess (along with one other camper)!!!!

Speaking of Pattison's, one of our local magazines is having a contest to choose a nonprofit to receive their Giving Back Award.  They are currently in the semifinal round, and Pattison's has made it to that round!  If you have a moment to spare, please vote for Pattison's by going to

It's an easy way to vote.  Just choose Pattison's from the drop-down list of nonprofits, give your email address, and then choose whether or not you want Charleston Magazine to send you more information.  Simple.  I'm not sure if the winner receives anything other than community awareness, but community awareness can lead to more support, so I'm all for that!

And Lily Loves Pattison's!!!

At Pattison's, Lily got to try out their gait trainer, and I'm happy to say that she now has one of her own at home!  We're trying to get used to it, and unfortunately, she'll have to take a few weeks worth of a break from it due to the surgery, but she's taking assisted steps in it already!  We're taking it easy by using it predominantly as a stander for now, but we'll work her up to using it more as a walking device.  I just know that that won't take long!

So here are some very overdue pictures!!

Lots of balls!

I'm telling you, one day she's going to be a yoga teacher!

Preparing for the real fishing trip!

Lots of colors!

Fishing Day!

Bandaid Art

I think Lily would rather eat the markers than draw.

Ice Skating!!

You really should stop and smell the flowers

Her first manicure!

Time to go swimming

Lily's first facial!!

Checking out the tent

Getting ready for prom!

Dancing with Daddy!

My little ones

Prom Princess!


  1. The pictures are precious! Love Lily's smile in the last one. :)
    Hope she heals quickly and heads home soon. God bless. :)

  2. Beautiful pics !!!! amd what a gorgeous smile

  3. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them with the world!

  4. Your Lily is beautiful! My daughter would rather eat the markers too. Little girls are precious!