Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A small request

Lily will be turning a year on the 30th of this month. Rather than have a traditional birthday party, we're going to have a celebration of life and a little program that highlights her year, informs her guests about Trisomy 18, and celebrates our little miracles. A friend of mine is going to talk about miracles, and then we'd like to show a slideshow of Trisomy 18 miracles.
We would be honored to be able to add a picture of your child to our slideshow to show our guests (some who may be of the medical profession) the miracles that exist in the world of Trisomy 18. If you wouldn't mind your child's picture being displayed, would you please send me a picture at If you do so, please include your child's name (I won't display last names), age (if appropriate), birthdate, and/or angel date (if appropriate--and yes, they are our miracles, too).
I thank you, in advance, for allowing me to show others our world. More birthday information to come. . .


  1. This is an incredible idea! What a wonderful thing to do to show all the miracles that T18 has touched. I hope mine go through. I will send them now.

  2. Unfortunately, I don't get the credit. This wasn't my idea. I do feel like it's something that just has to be done at Lily's party. For some reason, it just wouldn't seem right to not do it.

  3. We'd be glad to send you some brochures from the Trisomy 18 Foundation to use for your guests . . .
    Just let us know at how many you might like for your event.
    Victoria Miller
    Trisomy 18 Foundation

  4. This is such a wonderful idea...I'm inspired just thinking about it!