Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just a quick update

Lily is doing well and loving school!  I just cannot express how great it is that she is there.  I don't think I posted this, but there was one day when I was leaving the school, and a few of the teachers/therapists were packing bake-sale items in a car.  As one of the teachers was leaving, she told yelled out to the others, "I love you."  REALLY!  I've never seen a group with such a great relationship.  And the principal is such a great leader.  He has worked so hard for Lily to be at the school and is definitely her fighter!

Already, this school has recommended that Lily see an orthopedist (which she already does), has gotten her "pringle" inserts for her SMO's, and is helping us decide if we want to go with a stroller or a wheelchair.  Currently, we have a wheelchair on loan, and I have to say that Lily looks great in it!  Her posture is so much better in it than in what we have--a feeder seat that sits in a bigger umbrella-type stroller.

Lily is now less than a pound away from hitting the big 3.0., which is a big deal for us since she seemed to hover around 20 for so long.  She's getting so tall, too!  She's crawling faster and getting so strong!

As for the orthopedist mentioned above, it seems that Lily has a little kyphosis.  We've known this, but it didn't seem to be an issue when she was first seen for it.  Well, it has become an issue, so Lily will be getting a soft brace to wear when she is mobile.  She's been measured and cast for it, but we haven't gotten it yet.  From what I've seen of another child's soft brace, this brace really isn't soft.  Hopefully, though, it won't inhibit Lily's crawling.  I'm telling you, she's a mover!

Time to go.  I have a little one here who decided she'd rather play with Mommy than with Lily's shoes.